The health and safety of the Rutgers University community remain the top priority as in-person events and activities resume. As the COVID-19 virus continues to move from pandemic toward endemic, we are eager to return the university to normal operations as much as responsibly possible. In doing so, we continue to take prudent steps to mitigate the effects of this virus so our students can enjoy a vibrant, in-person college experience.

Effective June 1, 2021, all events, planned activities, conferences, and non-credit academic programs hosted on university property will require certification through the Event and Activity Certification System (EACS). Only Rutgers affiliates with a NetID may submit through the EACS. Virtual-only events do not require certification through EACS.

For this certification process, an event, conference, activity, or program is any non-credit program or planned gathering of 25 or more people (including performers, audience, support staff, and technicians), whether public or private, indoor or outdoor, held on-campus, with a specific location, date, and time. Meetings associated with business and/or administration of the university are not (for this certification process) considered events and do not need to be submitted for certification.

Certification received through the EACS process is not an approval of the merit of the event, programming, or content and is not a confirmation of available space; it is simply a reporting of the event to the University.


  • All events must be certified through the EACS process prior to venue scheduling or announcement of the event.
  • Events, both indoor and outdoor, will no longer require attendees to show proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Collection of attendee information is not required.
  • Face coverings are not required for indoor or outdoor events.
  • Indoor and outdoor events will have maximum capacity determined by fire or construction code requirements (as it was prior to COVID-19), as all Executive Orders restricting attendance have expired.
  • External clients and guests may hold and attend events.


 How do I submit a request for certification?

Event and activity certification requests must be submitted by event organizers via the EACS portal which will then be reviewed by designees from each campus. If a request is certified, the organizer will be notified and can then proceed with event planning with the appropriate facility manager.

Who can submit through EACS?

Only Rutgers affiliates with a NetID can submit through the EACS. Rutgers facility managers may submit on behalf of requestors who do not have a Rutgers NetID.

When should I submit my event for certification?

Request for certification can take place after the organizer reviews the event programming and content with the appropriate departmental leadership.

How long will it take to get my event certified?

Please allow five 5 business days for certification processing.

How will I know if my event is certified?

 You will receive an email with a determination of your event status. Retain that email for your records.

If my event is recurring, do I need to submit each one separately (weekly, bi-monthly)?

No. Recurring events can be submitted at one time by selecting the “My event is recurring” selection box and entering the appropriate dates.

 For reoccurring events, do I need to submit a separate Contact Information form for each occurrence?

No, collection of contact information is no longer required.

If I have multiple unique events, do I need to submit each one separately?

Yes. Each event must be submitted separately. You can access all your submitted events via the EACS dashboard.

Can I change my request once it is submitted?

No. Once your request has been submitted, it cannot be changed. If your program has changed, submit a new form and note that it is a change from a prior submission in the text field.

 Are groups external to Rutgers permitted to hold events on campus?

Yes, external groups may hold events on campus.

 How do I upload the Contact Information form after my event?

Collection of contact information is no longer required.

What happens if I don’t submit my event to the EACS for certification?

Groups that do not comply with the event and activity submission requirements will not be able to certify any future events or activities and any pending certifications from this group may be revoked.