Signage, Graphics, and Design Unit The Signage, Graphics, and Design unit has the responsibility for the creation, installation, and maintenance of all interior common areas and exterior signage on university property except those addressing roadway concerns. Our full-time graphics team operates out of 110 Ethel Road West, Suite A on the Livingston Campus. We fabricate all university required signage, and serve all university campuses, as well as our remote locations from High Point to Cape May. We also provide full in-house vehicle graphics solutions. We are a full-service Signage Shop.

The Process for Requesting Standard Signage

For sign inserts, follow these instructions:

  1. To order University Signage, please submit an online Maintenance Request Form or call the Service Call Center.
  2. Once you have received the Work Request Number for your sign request, you will be contacted by our Graphics and Design team to discuss your request. Once completed, you will be provided information so you can begin to create your Internal Purchase Order (IPO). Your order will be processed upon receipt of your IPO. Our Graphics and Design Item Number within Marketplace is #1580. Your IPO must be created in the amount shown on your University Signage Work Request Form.
  3. To email the Signage and Graphics unit directly:
  4. Once we have received your IPO, your signage order will then begin the creation process.
  5. If you have questions, please contact the Service Call Center, at (848) 445-1234. If you would like to speak to one of the Graphics and Design staff members, please contact (848) 445-6766.
Material and Logistical Services, Graphics and Design - New Brunswick (#1580)
Work Request Number The Service Call Center will email you this number
Graphics and Design Contact Name Gary Ambrosy
Graphics and Design Contact Phone Number (848) 445-6766
Building Name where work will occur The Building Name
Building Number where work will occur The Building Number
Project Name List the Signage title name here
Project Description Briefly describe the project
Requestor's Name List the projects' contact's name
Requestor's Phone Number List the projects' phone number
Requestor's Department Name List your departmental name
Requestor's Email Address List the projects' email address
Charge Account (Include Natural Acct #) List your departments account and natural account number