New furniture purchased by Rutgers University faculty and staff can be received, delivered, and installed by Material Services. Once the furniture order has been placed with a vendor, contact us to arrange a site visit and to get a quote for delivery and installation.

Please include the following information

  • RU contact name and phone number
  • Building name/number and address
  • RU PO number for your furniture order
  • Vendor name, contact, and phone number
  • Acknowledgement number
  • Rutgers PO number for your furniture order

Material Services will contact you within 48 hours of receipt of your request for a quote. Once you receive your quote, complete an Internal Purchase Order (IPO) through the RU Marketplace (Code 641) to schedule the furniture delivery and/or installation. IPOs must be filled out at least two weeks before delivery/installation for efficient scheduling and coordination. Surplus & Material Services can also provide a budgetary quote based on a proposal from a furniture vendor.

If you need surplus pickup and disposal, visit the surplus pickup page.