Members of the Rutgers Community:

I am happy to announce the kickoff of our RU Tobacco-Free initiative. On January 1, 2023, smoking, as well as the use of all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products, will be prohibited on all Rutgers campuses and off-campus sites. With a large sector of our institution devoted to health care delivery, research, and education, it simply makes sense for us to embrace a policy that prohibits the use of these deadly products. If nothing else, the pandemic has reinforced the importance of a healthy, tobacco-free lifestyle.

The decision to declare our campuses smoke-and tobacco-free will make Rutgers a healthier place to learn, live, and work. Our new university wide Tobacco-Free Policy will supersede our current policy, which already prohibits... smoking in all Rutgers facilities and within 30 feet of university-owned and operated buildings. In addition to cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and e-cigarettes, hookah and smokeless products such as chewing tobacco will also be prohibited on campus.

We recognize that many people in the Rutgers community are tobacco users. As we roll out this initiative and prepare to be RU Tobacco-Free, we will support you in your effort to quit tobacco products. The Rutgers Tobacco Dependence Program provides guidance to help you quit tobacco. You will be seeing more information in the weeks and months ahead.

I look forward to a healthier Rutgers as we go RU Tobacco-Free.

Jonathan Holloway
President and University Professor

Dr. Kim Casarona

Treatment Coordinator at Rutgers Center for Tobacco Studies answers questions about quitting tobacco.

Dr. Michael Steinberg

Dr. Michael Steinberg, medical director of the Rutgers Center For Tobacco Studies and professor/chief of Internal Medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, answers questions about tobacco, smoking, vaping, and the RU Tobacco-Free initiative.

Dr. Mahnaz Fatahzadeh

Dr. Mahnaz Fatahzadeh, Professor at the School of Dental Medicine’s Department of Diagnostics Sciences, talks about how vaping can impact oral health.

Kevin Schroth

Kevin Schroth, Associate Professor in the Department of Health Behavior, Society and Policy, answers questions about tobacco, smoking, and the RU Tobacco-Free campaign.

Caitlin Uriarte

Research Teaching Specialist IV for the Center for Tobacco Studies, talks to us about her experience in the world of tobacco and cessation.

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