RUDOTS now offers free and convenient bicycle repair stations, allowing bicyclists to make basic repairs and adjustments on the go.

How do they work?

Bicycle repair stations are all-in-one bicycle repair and maintenance stations. The stations are installed at convenient locations throughout campus, making it easy to add air to low tires or repair and adjust your bicycle wherever you are. A hanger arm allows you to suspend your bicycle while you work, leaving the pedals and wheels to spin freely. Tools are secured with tamper-proof stainless steel cables and allow you to perform basic repairs and maintenance, such as changing a flat tire or adjusting your seat or brakes. If you want to make a repair or adjustment but don’t know how, click on one of the links below for detailed instructional videos. 

Available tools

Allen Wrench – The Allen wrench can be used to adjust many components including handlebars, seat posts, brakes and derailleurs.

Wrenches – A wrench provides grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turning nuts and bolts on your bicycle. The repair station includes three varieties:

  • Headset wrenches are used to loosen the headset and adjust its position
  • Pedal wrenches are designed with extra leverage to remove pedals
  • Box wrenches are used to remove wheels and adjust seat posts. The Repair Station provides 8, 9, 10, and 11mm sizes.

Tire Lever: The tire lever is helpful for changing flat tires. To remove the tire, position the curved end of the lever between the wheel’s rim and tire to pry the tire out of the rim. Once the flat has been repaired the levers can be used to push the tire back into place inside the rim.

Screwdriver: Phillips and flat head. Use the screwdriver to make adjustments to components on your bicycle such as handlebars, brake levers and reflectors.

Air Pump: When your tire pressure gets low, stop by a repair station to add air to your tires to prevent flat tires and keep them running smoothly. The recommended tire pressure for your bicycle should be written on the sidewall of the tire. 

Where are they located?

Bicycle repair stations can be found at convenient locations throughout the Rutgers—New Brunswick campus.

  • Busch Campus Center: Located adjacent to Lot 59, near the mailboxes and centralized bicycle racks
  • Livingston Plaza Bus Stop: Located along Rockafeller Road, adjacent to the bus shelter
  • Rutgers Student Center: Located on Morrell Street, the overhang provides shelter for dry working conditions
  • Douglass Campus Center: Located along Nichol Avenue between the Douglass Campus Center and Davison Hal

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