RUDOTS manages and operates the on-campus bicycle locker rental program. Bicycle lockers offer a covered and protected storage space for a bicycle and bicycle-related gear. The bicycle lockers are located at Cook Campus Lot 98A and Livingston Yellow Lot. Each bicycle locker location has the capacity to store up to twenty bicycles.

Users are required to register for the program prior to renting a bicycle locker. Once registration is complete, users may log into the automated bicycle locker rental system and rent a bicycle locker. Once a bicycle locker has been rented, an RUDOTS staff member will make an appointment with the renter to provide the lock and key and orient the renter on the bicycle locker location.

Rent a Bicycle Locker

Rental and Replacement Fees

  • Semester Rental: $40.00
  • One Year Rental (12 months from start date of rental): $100.00
  • U-lock box replacement: $50
  • Padlock handle replacement: $35
  • Padlock/key replacement: $25
  • Vinyl number replacement: $12.50
  • Gear hook replacement: $10

Bicycle Locker Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

Rental Locations

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