Rutgers University Golf Course provides reasonable accommodations for golfers with disabilities on the golf course. A reasonable accommodation may include permission to utilize golf carts in certain areas of the course that are restricted from other players in order to provide enhanced access to fairways and greens for individuals with disabilities. If you require a reasonable accommodation to utilize the facilities or participate in events at the golf course, please email or call 848-445-2637. Please provide the name of the event; the date; and the reasonable accommodation requested.

In addition, the course has a single use golf cart (the Swift Mobility Cart) available when a player requires additional assistance using the cart to pitch, hit or putt the ball due to a disability. Players requesting to utilize the single rider Swift Mobility Cart for their round must notify the golf course at least 24 hours in advance (it takes 24 hours to fully charge the cart). Training on the use of the Swift Mobility Cart will be required prior to first time use.

Rules, Policies and Procedures

Players wishing to utilize enhanced access privileges due to a disability will be required to schedule a meeting with the Pro Shop staff prior to first use each season. During the meeting, the Pro shop staff will provide an overview of the rules, policies and procedures contained in this document to ensure the safety of all course players. Players will be required to acknowledge their understanding and adherence to the rules, policies and procedures before entering the course. The Pro Shop staff will provide players who acknowledge and agree to these rules, policies and procedures with an Enhanced Access Privilege Card. This card will provide an individual player with this access as long as it is needed for the season. Once the card is issued, card holders simply need to show their card to the Pro Shop staff prior to every cart rental to obtain their flag and cart.

When provided enhanced access golf cart privileges due to a disability, the following policies and procedures apply.

  • Players with disabilities requesting permission to utilize regular golf carts to provide enhanced access cart privileges to the course must present their card to the pro shop staff at the time of cart rental to receive their flag and cart.
    Note: All golf cart rentals require a fee. Please refer to the fee section of this web site for golf cart rental fees
  • Players who are granted enhanced access cart privileges will be required to display their flag on their cart, which indicates to the course staff that they are allowed in certain areas of the course that are restricted to other carts
  • Players must display their flag at all times while on the golf course.
  • Carts used by players must stay on the cart paths on all par 3 holes due to safety reasons, unless otherwise authorized by management.
  • Carts are NOT allowed any closer than 15 feet from the greens, with the exception of those with reasonable accommodations or those using the Swift accessible golf cart.
  • Due to safety reasons, NO carts, including the Swift accessible cart, are to be driven between sand traps and greens.
  • Carts MUST stay on cart paths at #10 green for safety reasons.
  • When the course management has made a determination to restrict play with golf carts due to safety reasons, course conditions and/or weather, NO golf carts will be allowed on the course, including the Swift accessible golf cart. Players affected by the golf cart restrictions should contact or call 848-445-2637 to inquire about options, especially related to league play.
  • League play may be affected when there are cart restrictions. League representatives may reach out to the golf course at or call 848-445-2637 to discuss formats of play and receive suggestions on structure of weekly competitions that provide reasonable accommodations for players that participate in their league