Rutgers University Chemical Reuse and Redistribution program is an exchange network developed to promote the reuse or recycling of chemical wastes and/or surplus chemicals.

On this page you will find links to chemicals that are currently available and chemicals that are needed by fellow researchers at Rutgers University. Sharing unused chemicals will reduce the amount of chemical waste generated.

Materials Available:

Unused and unopened chemicals being disposed of as waste, due to a change in research or discontinuation of a specific research protocol, will be redistributed to other laboratories that can utilize the chemical. Specific applicable chemicals (typically stable compounds with a long shelf life) will be picked up by REHS and segregated in the ESB. These chemicals are cataloged on a list, which is available on our web page (See link below). Contact REHS if there is a chemical on the list you would like. The Environmental Services Group will deliver the chemical(s) free of charge to your laboratory on a first come – first serve basis. Chemicals being redistributed will be tracked on a spreadsheet by REHS.

Materials Wanted:

Additionally, if you are looking for a specific chemical, REHS will post your request on a Chemicals Wanted list for 120 days. This cross posting allows researchers to donate small amounts of chemicals needed by other laboratories. Donation/sharing not only reduces the cost of research since many times laboratories are forced to purchase chemicals in amounts that far exceed what is needed it also reduces the cost of waste disposal. REHS will provide the pick up and delivery of these items free of charge.

If you would like to post a material wanted, please send the following information via email to

  • P.I. Name
  • Contact Number or email to be posted
  • Chemical Wanted (including grade, purity, etc.)
  • Volume Wanted.

After a chemical is located the requesting party must contact REHS to arrange pick up and delivery.

Laboratories wishing to donate a material to a lab should contact the requesting party directly to confirm that the chemical is still wanted, and the same purity, etc.


Materials Available for Reuse / Redistribution List [pdf]