University Facilities has developed one of the most innovative and successful recycling programs in the country. Each year we recycle about 10,000 tons of solid waste including paper, aluminum and steel, glass and plastic bottles, scrap metal, and concrete and asphalt construction debris. Innovative programs like Project Move-Out, help ease the trash burden for the city of New Brunswick, the home of our largest campus. At the end of the academic year,  when the students move out of non-university leased apartments they leave their solid waste at specific drop points for our crews to pick up, sort, and then dispose. We also facilitate the university's annual participation in Recycle mania, a national competition among colleges in which campuses compete in categories of recycling and waste reduction. Programs like these have resulted in many awards over the years. The highest form of flattery, however, are the schools nationwide that seek to model their programs after ours.  

Other items we recycle at Rutgers University

  • Computer paper
  • Scrap metal or vehicles sold to scrap dealers
  • Outdated books and periodicals
  • University furniture that is sold to a vendor for renewal
  • Used motor oil sent to a vendor for renewal

Because we track our numbers and recycling initiatives, if your department has its own recycling program, please let us know what you are recycling and how much of those items are collected each year. We would like to include this in our annual totals.

For information and questions, contact Dave DeHart.

Check out our RU Recycling Brochure for more details: