Why recycle?  Of course it’s good for the environment but there is more.  Every day we encounter hundreds of items that can be recycled, and by recycling we use fewer raw materials, which in turn saves time, energy, and money. 

For a successful program, you must recycle the right items. 

“Wishcycling” or placing an item in the recycling bin when you are not sure it is recyclable only leads to contamination.  Contamination increases the cost to sort and may ruin the good recyclables. Recycle right!  Learn what can and can’t be recycled here at Rutgers.  The Rutgers recycling program is “Single Stream” meaning you can place plastic bottles and containers (#1, 2 & 5), aluminum, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard in the same container.  By recycling right, you can be part of the solution and help lead Rutgers to a sustainable future!