Launched as a Presidential initiative, an improved platform for a new ID Card central service has been implemented.  This ID Card service will drastically improve security, functionality and support. The ID Card design has been updated to reflect Rutgers University’s brand and visual identity and to deliver enhanced security features.  In addition to the improved functionality and design, all new members of the Rutgers community will now have the opportunity to submit a photo online. The online photo submission process is the best way to ensure an ID card is ready as quickly as possible and lets the individual choose the photo to be displayed on their ID Card.  New students, employees, and guests will receive the new ID Cards during their campus-specific orientations or by visiting an ID Card Service Center.

My Rutgers ID Card has the old design; does my card still work?

Yes. Although you will see some people on campus with an ID that may look different than yours, your current ID Card is still valid and continues to support all university-related services.

Do I have to get a new ID Card?

No, obtaining a new ID Card is not mandatory.   

Am I eligible to upgrade my existing Rutgers ID Card?

Existing ID Cards will be transitioned to the new design over time as they expire or need replacement.

Will everything on my old card transfer over to the new one?

Yes. All monetary balances, door access, and other card privileges will remain the same. The new card will be equipped with everything you had previously.

Do I have to pay for a new card?

You may trade a defective or worn card for a new one for free. Additionally, there is no fee to exchange a card because of a name change. The replacement fee for a lost card is $20.

Why do we now have to upload our ID photo online? I thought we get our picture taken at orientation or a card office?

You are now required to submit your photo online; so your ID will be waiting for you when you get here, with the picture you choose. Uploading your photo takes less than 2 minutes. 

Where is the Online Photo Submission?

Information regarding the online photo submission can be found here: Online Photo Submission.