Celebrating Our Employees

The Portrait Project is a way for IP&O to show appreciation for our employees. It is an ongoing project and will feature our employees with the tools of their trade, as well as a short description about them

Michael Ryan

Robert Harris

Sharon Larry

Heriberto Lopez

Darren Portrait

Marixsa Portrait

Ruben Portrait

Richard Portrait

Richard Portrait

Madaline Portrait

Aurelio Portrait

Carlos Portrait

Daniel Portrait

Gerardo Portrait

Nicholas Portrait

Gloria Portrait

John Portrait


Erin Macri

Angela Marte

Sean Skala

Jose Ortiz


Glenn Baron

Dwayne Coleman

Stephen Molenni

Melonese Austin

Andrew Piggot

Jijo Lazar

Tom Longo

Rosa Nunez Portrait

Hermane Lamzon Portrait

Keith Paradiso Portrait

Kimeta Sadibasic Portrait