Landscape planning has a rich history at the university. It provides the stewardship of the exterior campus environment and the creation of dignified surroundings for the academic, research and public service pursuits engaged in by the campus community.

The Office of the University Architect includes the University Landscape Architect, who is a licensed professional in New Jersey, to oversee all landscape planning projects. The development and implementation of a comprehensive Master Plan provides the direction for the management, preservation and enhancement of the campus landscape. All landscape planting and grounds improvement initiatives undertaken by various internal university administrative units, including the University Facilities and the Department of Transportation Services, as well as those by student groups and faculty researchers, are coordinated by the University Landscape Architect and staff.

The Landscape Planning staff works closely with all University Facilities units. They review plans for all capital projects for consistency and adherence to the Landscape Master Plan. This office also provides design services on landscape renovation projects, coordinates technical expertise and affirms policy recommendations.