The purpose of this form is to provide Planning, Development, and Design staff with the appropriate information to fulfill requests for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data/maps and A/E data.

Building and Room Number

If you are requesting specific data, such as acreage of parcels or building shapefiles, please describe your request in detail. A staff member of University GIS Services will contact you for additional information regarding your request.

What area of the campus would you like the map to show? This could be a description of the area, such as "the west side of Busch District"; bounding streets, such as "the block between Bleeker Street and Warren Street"; or a building, such as "Paul Robeson Library."
Use the browse button to select a photo or saved screenshot of extent, then press upload to attach the photo to your request.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
1 inch = _____ feet
Specify a map size if applicable. If no map size is specified, map will be produced to fit on an 11" x 17" Sheet.
If you have any additional specific instructions or requests regarding this map that were not covered in the questions above, please describe them here.

If you have specific questions about this form please email

DISCLAIMER: All maps prepared by University GIS Services will contain a title block, crediting the Division of Institutional Planning and Operations, and will include a scale bar, north arrow, title and date line. All maps will be in color and will include a legend. All maps and data will be in compliance with the official Rutgers University Geographic Information Systems (GIS) standards listed on the Rutgers University Planning, Development, and Design website, found at:

If you have specific questions about this form please email