Mail Services is the mail distribution hub for all department and student mail.

Outgoing Mail

Both campus and USPS mail-boxes and/or mail-slots are located at each Campus Post Office. This mail is collected at 3:00PM each workday.
Remember — all off-campus mail requires the correct postage.

Returns / Unclaimed Packages

If a student fails to retrueve his/her item(s) during the semester it will become eligile for return/forwarding at the end of the semester. During the summer month's packages more than 30 days old will be returned/forwarded. If your package is less than 30 days old at the end of the semester it will be held until it reaches 30 days and then it will returned/forwarded.

Missorted Mail

Please bring any missorted mail to the service window, or place it in the appropriate slot at the Campus Post Office.

Food Delivery

Rutgers Mail Services is neither responsible nor equipped to handle food deliveries from any couriers. Mail Services will try to expedite food deliveries as soon as possible.

Emailing Mail Services

When sending inquires to and/or please include the following information:

  • Name that is registered with Rutgers University (no nicknames)
  • ID Number
  • Tracking number for a package
  • Any other information related to your inquiry

This information is needed to ensure quicker resolution of your inquiry.

Passport Information

Passport services are not available at the campus post offices; please visit the Kilmer Post Office for additional information.