Q - What is the Commuter Reward Program?

A - It is a program to reward Rutgers Newark students for not bringing a car on Rutgers Newark campus.

Q - Who is eligible for commuter rewards?

A - Program eligibility is for full and part time, graduate or undergraduate students enrolled at

Rutgers University Newark, using mass transit for their own transportation to/from class. RBHS students do not qualify for the program.

Q - What do I need to bring into the store in order to redeem my reward?

A - Receipt of MONTHLY pass, evidencing payment, with the destination of Newark to/from your residence and your Rutgers Newark identification card.

Q – Can my reward be picked up by someone other than myself?

A – No, you must come in person with your receipt and your Rutgers Newark identification card.

Q - Can I redeem my reward online?

A - Rewards are only given out at kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store located at 625 Broad Street, Newark in the Hahne & Co. building.

Q - Can I use the kite+key gift card on the online store?

A – Coming soon.

Q - What if I don’t have a receipt?

A - You must provide evidence of payment of a monthly pass to/from Newark. If you are unable to do so we cannot provide a reward.

Q - Can I email you my receipt?

A – No

Q - Can I give you my daily or trip tickets?

A - No, we only accept monthly tickets.

Q - Can I only redeem a reward if my pass is over $50?

A - No, you can redeem any amount of a monthly pass, however, the reward is only UP TO $50 based on actual cost of the monthly pass.

Q – What rewards does the program offer?

A - $50 Barnes & Noble, and/or any amount up to and including $50 for kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store, based on the actual cost of monthly pass up to $50.

Q - Do the gift cards expire?

A - kite+key does not expire, you would need to check with Barnes & Noble for their policy.

Q - Can I use the Barnes & Noble gift cards at any Barnes & Noble location?

A – Yes

Q - Can I redeem rewards from the previous month?

A - Yes, as long as they have not been previously redeemed. You can even redeem all of them at the end of the semester.

Q - Can I swap out a reward for a different one if I haven’t used it?

A – No, once a reward is issued we are not able to make any changes.

Q - Do I have to sign up again every month?

A - No, signup is once. However, your school enrollment and parking account will be verified each month to ensure continued program eligibility.

Additional questions?

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