Welcome to the IP&O Warehouse. The warehouse provides the university community and Operations & Services with over 3,500 inventoried maintenance, custodial, electrical, plumbing, hardware, safety, locksmith and painting supplies as well as additional categories.

IP&O Warehouses have worked with the RU MarketPlace team to create a process to support ordering Supply Central items using the requisitioning process in RU MarketPlace.  The hosted catalog will be loaded and maintained in RU MarketPlace which when ordered from will trigger Internal Transfer Orders from the Warehouse while still maintaining the approval controls.  The Warehouse team will release / pick / and deliver to fulfill these orders.

For instructions on how to place orders with the Warehouses in RU MarketPlace, please reference the user guide and tutorial videos.

The warehouse is also an internal supplier in Marketplace; our item number is 480. Purchasing materials and supplies from this warehouse is a two-step procedure when ordering as an IPO: Fill out the Warehouse Supply Request form, and fill out an internal purchase order in Marketplace.

Please find detailed instructions below:

All questions or issues for inventory orders- e.g. availability, delivery, pricing, training


Warehouse Main:

Supply Center:

Newark Warehouse:

See below for our “How To” videos!

A Look at the New Rutgers Warehouse
How to put in Internal Orders for Inventory Items Supplied by the IP&O Warehouses
How to order when your Department has an Existing Blanket Order with IP&O Warehouse