Emergency Action Plan

Reporting An Emergency

Police Emergency

Fire Emergency


Medical Emergency

Health and Safety

Weather Emergency

Emergency Information


Immediately report emergency situations occurring in or near your facility (such as fire, explosion, storm damage, hazardous material spills, chemical odors, flooding, accidents, injuries, criminal or suspicious activities, etc.) to the RUPD Communication Center or by using a campus emergency telephone.

RUPD Communications Center

University Location


Non-Emergency (Outside Line)

New Brunswick/Piscataway

Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1



Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1

973-972-4491 or 973-353-5111


Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1


Farms, Research Stations & other University Facilities

Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1



When reporting an incident include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Location of emergency (you should also indicate that you are at Rutgers University as part of your location)
  • Nature of the emergency
  • Status of the emergency condition (i.e., in progress or completed)
  • Any immediate threat(s) to life
  • Need for medical or other assistance
  • Description, location or direction of travel of suspect(s), description of motor vehicle(s) involved, presence of weapons
  • Any danger to emergency responders
  • Other information that would aid the emergency response

Stay on the telephone until released by the dispatcher. If you are in a position of safety, you may be asked to maintain observation and report developments until the arrival of emergency response personnel. You may be given emergency instructions by the dispatcher.

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