For any Emergency Dial 9-1-1 or Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1

Emergency Information



The university"s emergency notification system utilizes many different and overlapping mechanisms to provide time-critical information to the Rutgers community, as no single mechanism is sufficient to provide blanket notification. Methods include email, website announcements, TV, radio, and text messaging to cell phones, as well as low-tech mass communications such as electronic signs, bullhorns, and police car speaker systems.

As with all emergency planning, our notification systems are regularly tested and upgraded. The key goal is to notify as many subscribers as possible in as short a time as possible. To update your personal emergency notification information, You can go to and manage your subscription at any time, The subscriber can pick additional campuses to receive alerts from and includes individuals with the "guest” and "student worker” status at the University.

During an emergency, campus status pages will feature important information and updates about the campus status (e.g., class cancellations, office closings, etc.) for Rutgers and campus specific announcements are made, campus status information will also be available through:

University Location By Phone Website TV
Rutgers University-Wide 732-445-INFO(4636)  
Rutgers University - New Brunswick 732-445-INFO(4636) RU-TV 3
Rutgers Biomedical Health Science 732-445-INFO(4636)  
Rutgers University - Newark 973-353-1766  
Rutgers University - Camden 856-225-1766  

Or via these local media outlets (class cancellations only):

Radio Stations:

WCBS 880 AM - New York City

WINS 1010 AM - New York City

WOR 710 AM - New York City

WCTC 1450 AM, 98.3 FM- New Brunswick

WRSU 88.7 FM - New Brunswick

WRNJ 1510 AM, 104.7 FM, and 92.7 FM - Hackettstown

WKXW 101.5 FM - Trenton

WKYW 1060 AM - Philadelphia

WHTG 1410 AM - Monmouth/Ocean Counties

WBBO 106.5 FM - Monmouth/Ocean Counties

WBHX 99.7 FM - Monmouth/Ocean Counties

WWZY 107.1 FM - Monmouth/Ocean Counties


WCBS - Channel 2

WNBC - Channel 4

News 12 - NJ Channel 12 - Cablevision

News 12 - NJ Channel 12 - Comcast

Many of these stations also provide school closing information on their websites. Please note that these announcements are for classes only and usually will not include specific times. These announcements DO NOT refer to office closings unless specified. Please do not telephone the stations as they will not give out information over the phone.

Please do not call the Rutgers Police regarding possible weather related delays, cancellations, or closures. During inclement weather conditions, it is vitally important that they be able to receive emergency calls. Also, please refrain from calling the radio and television stations. They will not give out information over the telephone anyway, and a large volume of calls can tie up their phone lines at critical times too.

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Public Safety Numbers


For any Emergency Dial
or Obtain an Outside line then dial

-Alternate Public Safety Numbers-

Rutgers University -New Brunswick
(732) 932-7111

Rutgers Biomedical Health Science at Newark
(973) 972-4491

Rutgers University - Newark
(973) 353-5111

Rutgers University - Camden
(856) 225-6111

Farms, Research Stations or Off-Campus dial
or Obtain an Outside line, then dial

Program the Alternate Public Safety Numbers
into Your Cellular Phone

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Important University Numbers

Note: The recently announced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone project implementation has begun on the New Brunswick/Piscataway Campuses. Callers will notice that they can no longer reach some departments using the old numbers. This is because departments that have the new system have a new 848 area code. To reach these departments users must use the new area code as they would for any outside line number; you can no longer use 5 digit campus dialing to go between the new 848 and the old 732 area codes.

Detailed information on the VoIP project schedule is available on the website at



Rutgers University New Brunswick

Biomedical Health Science at Newark

Rutgers University

Rutgers University
Farms, Research Stations, & other University Facilities
Emergency Numbers Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1 Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1 Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1 Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1 Obtain an Outside line then dial 9-1-1
Public Safety Numbers
732-932-7111 973-972-4491 973-353-5111 856-225-6111 732-932-7111
Non Emergency Numbers
Rutgers University
Police Department
732-932-3913 973-972-6393 973-353-5581 856-225-6009 732-932-3913
Rutgers University
Emergency Services
848-932-4800 848-932-4800 848-932-4800 848-932-4800 848-932-4800
Rutgers Environmental
Health and Safety
848-445-2550 973-972-4812 973-353-5131 856-225-6327 848-445-2550
Rutgers Office of
Emergency Management
848-932-4880 848-932-4880 848-932-4880 848-932-4880 848-932-4880
Student Health Services 848-932-7402 973-972-8219 973-353-5231 856-225-6005 848-932-7402
Occupational Health 848-932-8254 973-972-2900 848-932-8254 848-932-8254 848-932-8254
Risk Management 848-932-7300 848-932-7300 848-932-7300 848-932-7300 848-932-7300
Facilities Maintenance 848-445-1234 973-972-5400 973-353-5441 856-225-6000 848-445-1234
Parking and Transportation 848-932-7744 848-932-7744 973-353-1839 856-225-6137 848-932-7744
Counseling Centers 848-932-7884 973-972-5429 973-353-5805 856-225-6005 848-932-7884


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