Change in Housing Status: 
If a student with a valid Resident parking permission cancels housing; they must notify DOTS. Resident students that change housing assignment to a different campus must notify DOTS to update their parking assignment. Students with valid Commuter parking permission that move into campus housing must notify DOTS in exchange for a Resident permit.

New Brunswick Commuter Zone Change: 
Commuter Students with valid parking permission that wish to change from one Zone to another may do so ; pending space availability.  Waitlist are available for permits that have sold out. To add your name to the waitlist; log into My Rutgers parking account and click the waitlist tab and choose the list you wish to add your name to.

Night Commuter Exchange: 
Students with valid Night Commuter parking permission may exchange to a Zone Commuter parking permission pending availability. 

Parking Permission Registration

Online registrations require:

  • Net ID - (It may take two business days for NetID to register with our system)
  • Your vehicle license plate number, state, make, and color
  • A credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) to purchase a permit

Start online student permission registration process here.

In person registrations:

  • At the Department of Transportation Cashier office on each campus.  A completed Vehicle Registration Form [PDF] is required.
  • Payable by cash, check, money order, credit card in your name only (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), or the Knight Express card.

Additional Vehicles:

  • After the initial registration, you must register additional by logging into My Rutgers parking account or in person at The Department of Transportation services
  • If you have a temporary plate, please register the vehicle with the temporary plate number, when permanent plates come in; remove vehicle with temporary plate from your record and reenter your vehicle with updated plate information.

Parking Permission Types

CommuterNight Commuter, and Resident parking permission registrations are to be purchased online.

Temporary and Reading Day parking permission registrations must be purchased in person.

Commuter Permit  

All commuter permits must be purchased online.

  • A Commuter Parking Permission is available to students not living in university housing

New Brunswick

  • Cost for Deck Parking Permission (Zone A & D) $380.00 annually, $255.00 after January 1
  • Cost for a Surface Lot Parking Permission (Zone B, C, & L) $165.00 annually; $111.00 after January 1. (Price includes State Sales Tax)
  • A half-year parking permission is not issued during the Fall Semester

Night Commuter Parking Permission

  • Cost $165.00 annually; $111.00 after January 1. (Price includes State Sales Tax) 
  • Parking permission will expire August 31st
  • A half-year parking permission is not issued during the Fall Semester  


  • Cost is $165 annually, $111.00 after January 1
  • Premium Deck Parking Permission $625.00, $420.00 after January 1


  • Cost $300 annually, $200.00 after January 1
  • Night Commuter $100 annually, $70.00 after January 1

Resident Permission

  • A Resident Parking Permission is available to all students living in university housing
  • New Brunswick Cost $300.00 annually; $200.00 after January 1
  • Newark cost Resident fall\spring $1150; $770 after January 1
  • Camden resident $425.00 annually; $285.00 after January 1
  • A half-year parking permission is not issued during the Fall Semester

Family Housing Parking Permission- Student Spouses

  • All resident students, including TA/GA’s, living in family housing must purchase a Rutgers parking permission for the academic year.
  • Any additional vehicle being used by a student’s spouse must also be registered in order to park on Rutgers property.
  • This second vehicle can be registered for an additional fee of $100.00.
  • Family Housing Parking Permissions are valid for the same time period as the Rutgers Parking Permission, and both parking permission must be renewed on an academic year basis.
  • These permissions can be purchased in the Public Safety Cashier’s area, once the TA/GA or graduate student living in housing has purchased their regular Rutgers parking permission.

Temporary Parking Permission

  • A Temporary Parking Permission is issued to a student who does not need to have a vehicle on campus but, due to special circumstances, requires the use of one
  • No more than three Temporary Parking Permission will be issued per semester
  • Valid for 1 to 5 days
  • Cost $5.00 per day

Reading Day Parking Permission

  • A Reading Day Parking Permission is a temporary permission issued to a resident that is not eligible to have a vehicle on campus but, due to end of semester circumstances, requires the use of one
  • Valid for generally two weeks, from beginning to end of exam period
  • Cost $25.00

Additional Parking

Complete Additional Parking Request form. Explain why, where and when you need additional parking. Back to back classes will not be accepted as a reason for additional parking. Employment will not be accepted as a reason for additional parking. Night commuter parking permissions are not eligible for additional parking.
If approved $30.00 in addition to permit fee.

Additional Parking for Medical Needs

This form must be completed fully and submitted by the student requesting additional parking. This form is only required if the student does not have a valid state issued permanent or temporary handicap placard. Also, this form is for students who cannot utilize the campus bus system due to their permanent  or temporary condition

Requests for medical reasons must be submitted with theCertification of Medical Needs Form completed and signed by a physician. If the form from the physician is not completed and submitted, then this request will not be reviewed. An email address must be provided as all notifications of final decisions will be sent via email.