Resident Parking Permits allow parking for students who live in university housing and need access to a vehicle for purposes other than traveling to and from class. Resident Parking Permits DO NOT allow for parking during the day in lots used by commuters.

Parking is available during the specified times in the below lots for all residents with a valid parking permit.

There is a map for each campus that shows the location of all university parking lots.

Parking Lots by Campus

*All lots listed are available Saturday and Sunday, up to the time that is defined below. 

Busch Campus
BRS Assignment (24 hours) Lots 51, 58B & C, 62, 65A-D, 66A, 67, 67A, Johnson, Marvin, Nichols and Russell apartment lots

(8PM - 2AM) Lot 50

(8PM-2AM) Lots 51, 51B, 53A, 54, 54A, 55, 58, 58A, 59, 60A & B, 61, 63, 63A-C, 64, 66A, 67, 68 and Stadium West Lot 

(8PM-8AM) Lot 67

College Avenue Campus 
(8PM-2AM) Lots 11,13,16,26,30,32,33

(8PM-8AM) Lots 13, 20 and the College Ave deck

Cook Campus
99 Assignment (24 hours) Lots 99A-D
Hel Assignment (24 hours) Helyar House lot

(8PM-2AM) Lots 98A,98B, 99A-D and Lipman Drive 

(8:00PM-8:00AM) Lot 97 
(8PM - 2AM) Lot 78

Douglass Campus
GIB Assignment (24 hours) Lots 74 and 74A
HND Assignment (24 hours) Lot 80
JAM Assignment (24 hours) Corwin lots and lot 76
KAT Assignment (24 hours) Katzenbach lot or lot 76
LIP Assignment (24 hours) Lippincott lot or lot 76
NLS Assignment (24 hours) Lot 76
76 Assignments (24 hours)-Lot 76
WOO Assignments (24 hours)-Lot 76

(8PM-2AM) Lots 70, 71A,74A,75,76,79, 79A,81,82,83,84,86,88,94,95,96,96A and Douglass deck 

(8:00PM-8:00AM) Lot 97,

Livingston Campus
LIV Assignment (24 hours) Lots 103 and 105 

(8PM-2AM) Lots 101,103,105,107,108,109,110,111, 112, Scarlet, Green and Yellow 

(8:00pm-8:00am) Lot 101

*Lot assignment effective September 1st through Spring Commencement.
**Summer session rules apply Monday following Commencement through August 31st.