Refunds may be given if the following policies are followed within the specified timeframes.

Refund Policies

  • Submit completed Refund Request Form [PDF] to Department of Transportation Services
  • Submit documented evidence of withdrawal or departure from the university
  • Return hangtag and all stickers
  • There are no refunds for key cards

Student Refund Requests

Full Refund 
Must be submitted within 5 business days of purchase, or prior to the add/drop date of the semester the parking permission was purchased for.

50% Refund 
Must be submitted within two weeks after the beginning if the Fall Semester and no later than February 1 of the Spring Semester. 

Faculty/Staff Refund Requests

Full Refund 
Must be submitted with in 5 business days of purchase.

50% Refund 
May be submitted when you:

  • Depart from the university within the first six months of the parking permission year and provide written verification of resignation or termination
  • Take Sabbatical Leave after July 1 of a parking permission year and:
    • Provide a written request from the department head
    • Purchase a new parking permission when returning to the university

RBHS refund/stop payroll deductions/parking adjustment form

Please complete this form and return to: Department of Transportation Services 55 Commercial Ave New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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