Bike RU is the Rutgers University Department of Transportation Services (RUDOTS) campus-wide initiative to create a more bicycle-friendly university.

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Why Should I Bike RU?

There are many reasons why bicycling is a great way to get around campus.  Bicycling is a fun, healthy, cost-effective and efficient way to travel.

Where Can I Ride?

RUDOTS recently updated the BikeRU Campus Bicycle Maps for Livingston, Cook, Douglass, Busch and College Avenue Campuses.  The maps show shared use paths, bicycle lanes, bicycle-friendly roadways, bicycle parking and more. Click here to see the maps.

Where Can I Obtain a Bicycle?

There are many ways to obtain a bicycle on and near campus.
Rutgers Bicycle Rental Program

  • RUDOTS manages and operates the on-campus bicycle rental program.
  • Rentals are available for $10 per month or $25 per semester, and you can reserve a bicycle at any one of our convenient on-campus locations.
  • The reservation process is simple; you can find out more here

New Brunswick Bike Exchange

  • You can purchase refurbished bicycles, ranging from $50-$200, at the New Brunswick Bike Exchange, a non-profit organization whose mission is increase access to affordable bicycles.
  • Hours, Location and more information

Kim's Bike Shop 

  • Kim’s Bike Shop is a family owned full-service retail bicycle shop, which carries a range of bicycle types and brands.
  • Hours, Location and more information

How Can I Keep My Bicycle Secure?

In order to reduce bicycle theft, RUDOTS recommends following three steps: 1) Register your bicycle 2) Use a secure locking system 3) Properly lock your bicycle
1)   Register your bicycle. Registering your bicycle ensures that if your lost or stolen bicycle is recovered by RUPD, it can be returned to you. RUPD cannot return the bicycle to you unless they have proof of ownership on file. The steps for registering your bicycle are simple.

  • Download and print the Bicycle Registration Form.
  • Fill out the form. Be sure to provide plenty of descriptive detail that will make your bicycle easy to identify.
  • Mail or drop off the completed form to the following address:                    

                    Rutgers Administration and Public Safety
                                55 Commercial Avenue
                                New Brunswick, NJ 08901 

2)   Use a secure locking system. RUDOTS recommends a U-lock combined with a security cable.

3)   Learn how to properly lock your bicycle. Learn how to properly lock your bicycle. Download this postcard or check out this video to learn how to lock your bicycle in a manner that reduces the likelihood of theft.

Bicycle Safety Tips & Training

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