You have been asking for changes and upgrades, and we are ready to begin the journey. Deck 1 will be undergoing major renovations during Spring and Summer 2022. 

To accommodate construction, the Deck 1 will close at 5pm on Friday, March 11, 2022 (beginning of spring break). Students with Premium Commuter, Resident, and Off-Campus Living permits will be able to park in Deck 2 and Deck 3 both are located on Washington Street between Raymond Blvd and Warren St.

Construction is expected to be completed on or near the beginning of Fall 2022. We look forward to serving you better!


• Fresh paint
• New LED lights
• Re-striping and surface repair
• Speed bumps for safety
• New interior and exterior wayfinding signage
• New ADA compliant entrance/exit on Warren Place 
• Interior elevator upgrades
• New security cameras including license plate recognition

For all DOTS related information and inquires please visit DOTShelp.rutgers.edu.


What does Deck 1 closing mean for me?

You will continue to have access to Deck 2 and will now have access to Deck 3

Where can I park now if I have a resident parking pass?​

 Deck 2 and Deck 3

Where can I park if I have ADA accommodations and use Deck 1 for parking?

If you have a valid Rutgers permit and ADA accommodations you can park in any lot. Please upload a copy of your disabled id card or placard to your parking account. https://rudots.nupark.com/v2/Portal/Login

Will I be receiving a refund for purchasing a premium pass and being advised there is less parking now with closing of Deck 1?​ 

There will be no refunds offered. Parking issued fewer permits to insure you would be able to find available parking in either Deck 2 or 3​

Beyond the economic lots that are not close to campus, will there be other options for parking in nearby non-Rutgers lots? 

The Economy permit allows parking in New St lot as well as Norfolk deck, after 3:30 pm students with Economy commuter permits may park in Essex Lot (506) Deck 2 or Eagle East. We do not provide off campus parking providers recommendations.

Will there be a shuttle stop at the economy lots? If so, where can I find that updated schedule? ​

The campus bus schedule is available online https://ipo.rutgers.edu/dots/buses-newark and can be tracked by downloading the Transloc app for iPhone and android phones free from the iTunes or google play store, for additional Rutgers mobile apps please visit  oss.rutgers.edu/mobile.

The two economy lots are the New Street lot and the Norfolk lot. The New Street lot is a walking lot which is approx. 3 blocks from campus. However, the university will have the bus stop at the New Street on a limited basis starting March 7th during the week from 6pm to 12am through the rest of the Spring Semester.  

The Norfolk lot has direct bus service from the Medical School using the Campus Connect and 180 West Market Street Stop using the Penn Station Local. Both stops are right next to the Norfolk lot with direct service to the campus and detailed bus information can be found in the link above.  

Will there be enough parking spaces in Deck 2 and 3 for those students who purchased premium parking? ​


Where is Deck 3? And how to do I get to Deck 3?

​180 Washington St​, it is located on Washington Street between Raymond Blvd and Warren Street.

If I have further questions about Deck 1 closing who can I contact? 

You can contact DOTs by opening a case through https://dotshelp.rutgers.edu. If you do not have a Rutgers Net ID, send an email to dotshelp@rutgers.edu

How long will Deck 1 be closed?

​It should be open by start or early of Fall semester

Where should I park if I am visiting student for summer session?

​Summer session permits will be available online for student that need to purchase one. Students will be permitted to park in Eagle West, Essex lot (506) Deck 2, and Deck 3.

Will there be security in the New Street/Lock Street lot?


What improvements are happening in the Deck? 

 Fresh paint, New LED lights, Re-striping and surface repair, Speed bumps for safety, New interior and exterior wayfinding signage, New ADA compliant entrance/exit on Warren Place, Interior elevator upgrades, New security cameras including license plate recognition 

What is going to happen to the other parking lots that need attention and have deferred maintenance issues? 

Facilities in conjunction with DOTs will be reviewing the current state of the decks and lots to determine the best course of action.

Where do I go if I have an issue or additional questions with parking? 

You can contact DOTs by opening a case through https://dotshelp.rutgers.edu. If you do not have a Rutgers Net ID, send an email to dotshelp@rutgers.edu.

dotsFor all DOTS related information and inquiries, please visit DOTSHelp.rutgers.edu.