Your Department Coordinator should arrange completion of the following items prior to or upon arrival
to facilitate a smooth transition

1. Net ID (for Faculty and Staff)

All faculty, staff, students and guests are assigned a Rutgers
unique identifier known as a NetID, comprised of initials and a unique number (e.g. jqs23). In
order to access many of the electronic services available to you at Rutgers, you need to activate
your Rutgers NetID. Your assigned NetID will appear on the activation screen.

Guest Net ID (for visiting scholars and non-affiliated family members)

Guest Request System is an enterprise self-service tool that enables a guest to submit their
request(s) to obtain a digital identity at Rutgers University. The request will be submitted for
approval to the appropriate sponsor. Once the request is approved, the departments' guest
administrators process the request and the guest is notified with instructions to obtain and
activate their digital identifier called a NetID.

2. RU Connection ID Card (Faculty and Staff)

Guest ID Card (for visiting scholars and non-affiliated family members)

Rutgers visitors and other university guests who require a Rutgers ID card for use of authorized
privileges must first be listed as a Guest in the university's Registry (database). ID Cards for
visiting scholars are issued for a period of up to one year, after which they must be renewed by
submitting an updated request form, turning in the expired card, and paying the associated fee.
To become a guest in the university's Registry, your sponsoring department must submit a
Guest Role/NetID request form.

3. Tenants staying at Johnson apartments forward netid to Faculty and Staff Housing Program
Coordinator for building access.

4. Parking Permit Registration

All vehicles which will be parked on Rutgers University campus
(including Johnson apartments) require a University parking permit. Please visit the Department
of Transportation Services for information and to purchase your parking permit.

5.If traveling with school age children, please contact the school district below regarding
registration. An executed lease agreement will be required.

  • Piscataway (Johnson Apartments)
  • New Brunswick (The Vue)
  • Highland Park (Highland Montgomery)

6. The following items must be complete prior to receiving keys to the apartment:

  • Signed lease agreement returned
  • Security deposit and first month’s rent payment submitted
  • Arrange with Department Coordinator or Faculty and Staff Program Coordinator for a time
    during business hours to pick up keys
  • Items such as linens, towels, dishes and utensils are included. You are required to provide
    items such as shampoo, toothbrush, soap, etc.